Rhinoplasty in Seattle: A Quirky World of Rhinoplasty

Oh, Seattle! Seattle, the land of coffee and endless rain. You read that correctly. Rhinoplasty has become as common in Seattle as the grunge movement was. Why would anyone want to have their noses done in a city famous for the Space Needle, you ask? Let’s explore this strange phenomenon. Important link: Find essential details and guidelines here.

It’s not as easy to find the right doctor who can reshape the honker of yours, like it is to choose the shortest Starbucks in Seattle downtown (which in itself is a form of art). There are many options. You have a lot of options. What about these surgeons, then? These artists have traded their paintbrushes in for scalpels. They can make the nose smaller, straighter and smoother. We’re not just talking about hair color, but your entire face. This isn’t just like picking a new color for your hair; it’s an important decision.

Let’s discuss what happens before you ever think about lying down on the operating table. Consultations play a crucial role. Imagine them more like first dates but without the awkwardness. You’ll discuss your dislikes about your nose and the changes you’d like to make. The surgeon pokes around to see what’s possible. The surgeon will poke around (literally) and tell you what’s possible.

It gets technical when it comes to the actual surgical part. You can choose between open and closed rhinoplasty. The open rhinoplasty involves cutting the skin between your nares. Closed cuts mean that the entire cut is hidden in your nose. The decision depends on what you need to fix.

Recovery is not so fun after surgery. Imagine a swollen, bruised face and binge-watching Netflix for a few days because it’s not safe to go out. Although it’s not attractive, they say that beauty is in the pain.

But why Seattle? Why Seattle? Aside from the fact that it has some of the world’s best nose surgeons, there is something about recovering somewhere where nobody bats an eyebrow if you have bandages on your faces because everyone is too busy to notice. They are either avoiding rain puddles in the streets or arguing over which coffee shop is the best.

Seattle doctors have the coolest understanding that noses don’t fit all. They know that people have different noses depending on their ethnicity and other factors. They want to change your appearance without losing what makes it unique… Oh, no! I meant special.

Rhinoplasty is not a decision to be taken lightly. You have to be brave and trust the person who is reshaping your center of the face. Seattle offers expertise and innovation, with just a touch of quirkiness.

It’s not as uncommon as you think to get your beak reshaped in Seattle. If you have breathing problems or want a fresher look while staring yourself in the face during those endless Zoom call (thanks to 2020), keep in mind that even Seattle’s noses can get a second chance at making a first impression. We wish you smoother sailing in the future!

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