How To Choose The Leather Vest That Shouts Biker

Let’s dive into the details and choose a leather biker vest that says not just “I drive a motorcycle”, but also “I like the ride.” Let’s not follow the same old guides, which are a waste of time a shipwreck in the sand. Let’s cut right through the fluff.

Quality is essential. Not all vests made of leather are the same. There is cowhide which can stand by itself. Buttery soft sheepskin feels like a 2nd skin. You can make your choice based on how you like it and whether or not you want a rougher or softer texture. Like fine wines, leather gets better with time.

Let’s move on to the craftsmanship. It’s about more than finding a quality vest (although this is very important). You want something with personality, maybe even some sass. It is best to choose zippers with a click and pockets that are large enough to keep your keys. If it has adjustable straps, laces, or both? Chef’s kiss! You can now enjoy as much road-trip food as you wish without feeling as if you are being squeezed into a sausage case.

This is the part of your design where you get to let out all your freakiness. Choose from a classic black outfit or go with something that will stand out. You can express your personality with patches and pins. Less is always more unless you enjoy more.

Listen to my words. Versatility sounds boring, but it’s essential. The vest should provide you with comfort on the roads or at your cousin’s wedding. You can remove the patches if you wish. It is important to look for removable liners that will not melt during summer temperatures or freeze on cold night rides.

Heritage is something you just can’t get in a store. Some brands have dressed riders since your grandpa was doing wheelies with an Indian Scout. These vests are not just about looking cool. They’re also an opportunity to wear part of history.

There’s no rocket science in choosing the perfect leather biker jacket, but you must pay attention if you are a rider.

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